Sunday, December 30, 2012

Muslim Authority Managing Temple Mount Dump Antiquities

The Muslim authority managing the Temple Mount on Sunday dumped tons of unexamined earth and stones excavated from the holy site into a municipal dump, in violation of a High Court injunction, Maariv reported on Monday.
Israel’s top court in September 2004 prohibited removal of earth from the Temple Mount and ruled that, should it be necessary, the Antiquities Authority must be notified a month in advance so it may examine the earth for artifacts.
Just like Saudis are doing in Mecca destroying cultural and religious heritage of the world.



  1. If the situation was reversed they would be rioting and murdering all over the planet.

  2. Is anyone really surprised by this? islam is nothing but a false man-made death cult, but if you upset the muslims they will kill or maim anyone who stands in their way!

  3. muslimes need to be sent to allah in bushel

  4. and all the Islamic organizations in the west would demand some sort of new law to protect Islamic heritage.

  5. that's the only way they know how to deal with any dispute or problem

  6. Sure as shootin'- they are trying to smuggle in their blasphemy laws and curtail freedom of speech under the guise of insulting another religion.